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10 waves you must surf in Lombok

There is plenty of surf spots in South Lombok to choose from for every level so you won’t be bored or disappointed. Warm water and clean waves are just a few highlights. You can also expect fewer crowds and cleaner beaches than on the neighbouring island of Bali.  We are very close to many breaks, such as Gerupuk, Tanjung Aan, Areguling or Seger.

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Selong Belanak

Beautiful beginners beach break 30 minutes away from Kuta with a long white sandy beach. It is a perfect place to try your first steps on the board and learn the basics. There are many restaurants and bars by the beach and it’s an ideal place for a beach hangout.

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This spot is just 10 minutes away from Xanadu. It is a right reef break, with the occasional left off the peak. Water here is crystal clear. Seger is best when the swell drops. With mid tide and offshore winds, this can be a great spot- with short tubes and bowly walls ready for any move you can think of. This break is best from October to April. It is a short paddle away from the beach with many cosy bars on the beach waiting for you when you get out and a perfect sunset viewing spot.

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Tanjung Aan

Another beautiful spot with white sand beaches only 15-minute drive from Kuta. A great long right-hander in the middle of the bay. All year around, mid to high tide.

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Fast, powerful and barreling left and less often short right-hander. Pretty shallow on a sharp reef. Very peaceful, a short paddle from the beach.

Surfing, Xanadu Surf & Yoga


Inside Gerupuk

This right-hander over a flat reef, also known as Bumbang Bay, is located in Gerupuk Bay. It is suitable for all levels and has fun waves, with a long wall and a forgiving lip. This break is surfable during any season and can handle any wind, as it is protected by the surrounding hills. Best on an incoming tide.


Outside Gerupuk

Also called Gili Golong, this spot is situated in Gerupuk Bay very close to Inside Gerupuk. A right-hander works well at mid to high tide with multiple peaks outside. Can hold 8-10 ft but is best at 4-6 ft, from October to April. Can be accessed by a boat from Gerupuk Fishing Village.



This is the furthest break inside Gerupuk Bay and as a result, needs a bigger swell to break. Don Don is a perfect, A-frame peak that bends both left and right. For all level of surfers. Can be good in any season as long as the winds are light. Works on any tide, with the outgoing tide being the best time.


Ekas Inside

This break is to the east of Kuta. It’s suitable for any level of surfer and usually works well when there’a moderate to big swell. This wave has a left and right side. The left is long and predictable, which makes it perfect for beginner or intermediate surfers. The right favours lower tides and is a little faster and shorter.


Ekas Outside

This wave is powerful and exposed. It attracts more swell than Ekas Inside. The waves have speedy walls that are sizable. The current is strong and big waves can hold you down for long. You can get to this wave from Awang or Ekas.


Are Guling Left & Right

There are two waves in the bay, a left and a right. The right is more consistent and has a steep take off with a speedy section that can sometimes turn in to a barrel. Wave is predictable and incredibly fun, it can hold big swells and works best from low to mid tide. The left break rolls over a sharp and shallow reef and can provide fun and steep ramps that can start barrelling with the right conditions.

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