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AirAsia has opened direct flights from Perth to Lombok

AirAsia has opened direct flights from Perth to Lombok

It has now become incredibly easy to get direct flights from Perth to Lombok. Because of this, Australians are travelling more often to Lombok. The island is often described as “The old Bali”. In short, it has pristine nature, untouched beaches and uncrowded surf lineups.

“Blissful beaches, top surfing and dive sites, and picturesque mountains are now easily accessible for Australians and I encourage those looking to book their next holiday to consider Lombok,” AirAsia Indonesia CEO

Here are a few quick facts about flying between Perth and Lombok:

  • Lombok is 2,577 km from Perth
  • It takes as little as 3:55 hours to get flights from Perth to Lombok
  • Both destinations are in the same time zone
  • AirAsia is the only airline operating direct flights


View of Lombok from a flight


Recently, the government has planned to create new tourism destinations around Indonesia. They plan to promote 10 new tourism hot spots across the country. Flights will take as little as 3 hours and 55 minutes. They will be flying on a regular basis. Therefore, they will add up to 77,000 seats annually between both countries.

Australians see Indonesia as an attractive location. It offers amazing surf and adventure at affordable prices. This connection will create new and exciting possibilities for both countries.

Lombok’s international airport is only a 20-minute drive from Kuta. Therefore, Kuta, Lombok in the southern part of the island has become a surf hub. It offers exciting possibilities for travellers. The island boasts amazing waterfalls, untouched reefs and untouched wildlife. Above all, there is a wide range of water-based activities such as surfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding and jetskiing.

If you’d like to learn more about Kuta, read our honest guide to Kuta, Lombok.


Girls running in the sea after arriving at Lombok


Lombok is a less crowded destination that offers many activities. It has long been on the surfing map. Consequently, it has become very family-friendly. Offering all sorts of accommodation and amenities such as hostels, hotels, villa’s and retreats. Flights can go for as little as $100 AUS. Making Lombok an incredibly affordable destination for Australians.

AirAsia operates 25 flights per week between Perth, Australia and Indonesia, which includes Bali, and Lombok.

To find out more about the flights, visit AirAsia

Visit Skyscanner to find more flights from Perth to Lombok.


Girl looking out of the window on a flight from Perth to Lombok

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