Surfing in Gerupuk

Best time to go surfing in Lombok

Best time to go surfing in Lombok

So what’s the best time of the year to go surfing in Lombok? It all really depends on what you’d like to see, do and your personal preferences. We’ll touch on a few things that will help you make a better decision. Lombok is in a privileged position since it has swell (waves) all year round making it one of the few places on the planet where you can catch a wave on pretty much any day of the year. 

Best time to go surfing in Lombok

Lombok’s weather and climate

Lombok is pretty close to the equator, making it an ideal and paradisiac location with a tropical climate. There are two main seasons, wet and dry. The island is overall drier than Bali with more than enough sunny days in the year.

Surfing in the rainy season in Lombok

Surfing in the rainy season in Lombok

December – March

The wet season is characterized by smaller swells, but glassy (non-windy) surfing conditions. There’s heavy rain, but usually, it passes and is quickly replaced by sunshine. The entire island turns green and many surf-breaks come alive.

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What surf breaks work best in the wet season in Lombok?

Are Guling Right/Left

There are two waves in the bay, a left and a right. The right is more consistent and has a steep take off with a speedy section that can sometimes turn in to a barrel. Wave is predictable and incredibly fun, it can hold big swells and works best from low to mid-tide. The left break rolls over a sharp and shallow reef and can provide fun and steep ramps that can start barrelling with the right conditions.


Gerupuk Outside Left

An inconsistent left-hander, suitable for experienced surfers.

Gerupuk Outside Right

A right-hander works well at mid to high tide with multiple peaks outside. Can hold 8-10 ft but is best at 4-6 f.


Tanjung Aan

Another beautiful spot with white sand beaches only 15-minute drive from Kuta. A great long right-hander in the middle of the bay. All year round, mid to high tide.


Seger Reef

It is a right reef break, with the occasional left off the peak. The water here is crystal clear. Seger is best when the swell drops. With mid-tide and offshore winds, this can be a great spot- with short tubes and bowl walls ready for any move you can think of. 


Surfing in the dry season in Lombok

Surfing in the dry season in Lombok

April – November

The dry season is characterized by being more windy (South-East) during the day. This season also brings in big swells from the South-West across the Indian ocean.

Download our guide to surfing in Lombok.


What surf breaks work in the dry season in Lombok?

Desert Point

One of the longest left-handed barrels in the southern hemisphere. The wave is only suitable for extremely experienced surfers as the reef is shallow and very sharp.


Don Don

Don Don is a perfect, A-frame peak that bends both left and right. For all level of surfers. 


Ekas Inside

This break is to the east of Kuta. It’s suitable for any level of surfer and usually works well when there’s moderate to big swell. This wave has a left and right side. 


Ekas Outside

This wave is powerful and exposed. It attracts more swell than Ekas Inside. The waves have speedy walls that are sizable. 


Gerupuk Inside

It is suitable for all levels and has fun waves, with a long wall and a forgiving lip. This break is surfable during any season and can handle any wind, as it is protected by the surrounding hills.



Fun right-handed wave that only breaks on bigger swells, the wave can produce friendly barrels with the right conditions.



Fast, powerful and barreling left and less often short right-hander. Pretty shallow on a sharp reef. Very peaceful, a short paddle from the beach.


Selong Belanak

It is a perfect place to try your first steps on the board and learn the basics. There are many restaurants and bars by the beach and it’s an ideal place for a beach hangout.


Lombok’s events

Lombok is an island with rich culture and heritage. The calendar is full of events, it’s good to consider these events as some might enhance your experience, whilst others might restrict what you can do. 



Festival Pesona Bau Nyale

This event takes place at Kuta, Seger and Tanjung Aan. This festival celebrates the story of the Mandalika princess, who was courted by two princes from Lombok. In order to avoid war, the princess sacrificed herself by throwing herself into the sea. It is said that the princess turned into a worm, these worms hatch at this time of the year in the southern beaches of Lombok. The worms are collected and eaten by people from all over Lombok in this special event. 



Gendang Beleq Festival

This festival is highlighted by colourful performances, dance, drumming. This is an esteemed celebration for the native Sasak People.



Idul Fitri

This celebration marks the end of Ramadan and fasting. It’s a major holiday in which most businesses close.



Perang Topat

A rice cake war that’s celebrated both by Hindu’s and Muslims at the Pura Lingsar Temple in West Lombok. People from both religions engage in this playful war and celebrate the success of their crops as a symbol of unity in Lombok. 


**Date varies**


This is one of the main events in the Muslim calendar. It’s celebrated for an entire month and is characterised by fasting, prayer, reflection and an enhanced sense of community. Some businesses close during this time; hotels, restaurants are still open, but the nightlife is significantly quieter during this period. In 2021 Ramadan is expected to begin around 12 April but the exact date depends on the moon and can only closer to the date.


So in conclusion, the best time of year to go surfing in Lombok doesn’t really exist, it’s up to you, what you want to do and your priorities.

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