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Holiday idea: Surfing & yoga holidays on a tropical island

If you tend to look at Insta pictures of surfers and wonder if that could be you, the answer is yes. But a word of caution, surfing is addictive;).

My surfing adventure

I’ve always loved being in the water but had never thought of giving surfing a try – it looked too difficult for my liking. I thought it would take me ages to stand up on the board and I wasn’t willing to do that. Everything changed when a colleague of mine came down from Brazil to Dubai and suggested to take a short trip to the wave pool in Al Ain. My plan was simple – he was going to surf while I was going to bathe in the sun. Quite unexpectedly after we got there, one of the instructors managed to convince me to take a 30-min lesson and… three weeks later I was at a surf camp in Bali! Go figure! Seven years and many surf & yoga retreats later, I moved from Dubai to an Indonesian island called Lombok (20-min from Bali) and opened my first surf & yoga retreat.

Surfing in beautiful Tanjung Aan beach
Tanjung Aan, one many Lombok beaches

Is surfing for you?

If you can swim and like to try new things, surfing is for you. You will learn to surf on a big soft top board at a small beach break. The wave may be small, but the level of fun is the same as on a big wave for advanced surfers. You will never forget the feeling of catching your first wave. Majority of our guests manage to stand up on the board during their first or second lesson. Once you get comfortable on the board, we’ll take you to a different spot, where the waves are much longer (doesn’t mean much bigger). It will allow you to practice the pop-up and learn to turn, and when you feel you’re acing it, we’ll swap your board for a shorter one.

Watch the below video to see our guests taking their first steps.

Why Lombok? 

Lombok, aside from pristine white-sand beaches, offers a wide range of beginner and intermediate surf breaks. What’s also important, the breaks are much less crowded than in Bali, which makes your experience much more fun and increases your chances of catching plenty of waves.

Are you tempted? Visit our website to read more about the surf & yoga packages we offer and book your surf & yoga holiday adventure.

See you in Lombok!:)


Founder of Xanadu Surf & Yoga

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