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A surfing paradise for beginners – South Lombok

A surfing paradise for beginners – South Lombok

Lombok has been regarded as an ideal place for learning to surf for a number of reasons. There are a number of factors that have created this great reputation. Including the crowds, the weather, the type of surf spots, the ease of travel from spot to spot and more importantly the variety of waves and difficulty levels. In this article, we’ll talk about why we think Lombok is the ideal place to learn to surf.


Surf boat with beginners going to Gerupuk in South Lombok

Surf spots

Firstly, Lombok has a wide range of surf spots along the southern coast. Which means that you can choose a wave that’s suitable for you. You can find easy beach breaks such as Selong Belanak and go all the way up to the very famous and intense “Desert Point”. The fact that different surf spots are affected differently by the wind means that you can always find a place to catch some waves. No matter the time of year.

You can catch a wave on pretty much any given day. This kind of consistency is perfect for learning and progressing. You don’t need to worry much about planning a trip in advance or finding out if the waves will be working since there’s always some wave you can surf.


Surf training at Tanjung Aan 2, a surfing paradise for beginners


Correct weather conditions are crucial to surfing. There are many variables that can turn a great surf session into a nightmare. Luckily Indonesia is blessed by a tropical climate. So you don’t require a wetsuit, booties or a hood. You can surf with any swimsuit. The water temperature is perfect. So you can surf for hours without worrying about getting cold. The sun rays, however, are very strong, so it’s crucial to have the right kind of sun protection whilst surfing.

There are two main seasons in Indonesia. There are a wet season and the dry season, both offering pros and cons. The wet season goes from December to March and is characterized by smaller swells and glassy (non-windy) conditions. The dry season goes from April to November and is windier but brings in bigger swells.

If you’d like to see a detailed and easy guide to the seasons and how the different surf breaks work Download our guide to surfing in Lombok.


Girl on a bike in Lombok, Indonesia


Getting to Indonesia has become considerably easier in recent years. Flight prices and times have been reduced, which means it’s way easier to fly from Australia and Europe. Lombok is very well connected. With an international airport that connects with major airports in South East Asia and Australia. It’s proximity to Bali also makes it incredibly easy to travel between the islands. A flight can take as little as 20 minutes to get from one island to the other.

Transport within Lombok is also incredibly simple. The main roads are new and very well kept. This makes it easy to travel to the surf breaks with a motorbike or car. This is a deal-breaker if you’re trying to find the perfect surf spot as a beginner. It’s very easy to find an ideal location that’s suitable for your surfing abilities.

Renting a motorbike or scooter with a surf rack is incredibly easy and costs around 50 thousand rupiahs a day. Travelling by bike is the favourite form of transport for surfers in Lombok.

Click here to find flights from Bali to Lombok


Proximity to surf breaks

Getting around South Lombok is very easy. Kuta is a preferred location by surfers since it sits right in the middle of a wide range of surf breaks.

If you’d like to see a detailed guide to the transport times from Kuta, please Download our guide to surfing in Lombok.


Crowd factor

Lombok is still very untouched and is still not considered a tourist hub in Indonesia. Therefore it has ideal surfing conditions since the breaks are often uncrowded. In other words, this means that fewer people on a surf break equal to more waves to be caught. In conclusion, Lombok is perfect for beginners since it’s easy to choose the perfect wave and you don’t need to feel intimidated or pushed by other surfers in the water. All of this makes South Lombok a surfing paradise for beginners.


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