Download our amazing visual guide to the waves in Lombok

We have created a visual guide for you to quickly understand how the waves in Lombok work. You’ll be able to find the optimum conditions for every wave. Find the best waves for your skill level. In short, you’ll be able to find the perfect wave for you.

We have created a PDF that you can save on your phone. You can take it with you to every surf spot. This will allow you to make the best and most informed choice when you are picking a surf spot.

  • Get to know the best spots to surf in Lombok

  • Understand how every wave works

  • Surf each spot at the best times

  • Download everything to your phone

Before you pick a wave to surf it’s important to look at a few qualities of the wave. Our infographic will quickly show you these specs so that you can make the best choice with the weather forecast any given day. This can make a massive difference when you’re surfing, especially when you don’t know the surf spots well.

In short, our infographic will quickly show you a few key factors that are crucial to all surfers:

  • The crowd factor
  • Difficulty level
  • The ideal tide height
  • Best wind direction
  • The optimum swell direction
  • Wave direction
  • The type of seafloor
  • Distance from Kuta (Xanadu)

There are many amazing waves in Lombok that work all year round and are perfect for any skill level. This visual guide of the waves of Lombok will show you detailed information about the following waves:

  • Desert Point: Lombok’s perfect barrel
  • Don Don: The friendly a frame
  • Ekas Inside: A mighty point break
  • Ekas Outside: Fun bombs
  • Gerupuk Inside: A beginner’s paradise
  • Kiddies: Appears on a big swell
  • Mawi: The dry season beast
  • Selong Belanak: The perfect starting point
  • Are Guling Right / Left: The wet season hero’s
  • Gerupuk Outside Left: The wayward wave
  • Gerupuk Outside Right: A long and untamed gem
  • Seger Reef: A wild ride