All-year Round Longboard Retreats

At Xanadu Surf & Yoga we run all-year round surf & yoga retreats during which you can focus on improving your longboarding skills. You can expect daily surf at surf breaks suitable for longboarders, video analysis, land drills and surf theory. We will help you to work on your individual longboarding goals throughout the week.

We know it is hard to travel with a longboard across the world, so the package also includes a longboard rental. We have a selection of 9’0 and 9’2 logs you can choose from.

Girls and boys welcome!

Two programmes to choose from

Longboard with us all year round as part of our All-Year Round Surf & Yoga packages at both locations. Select the programme for more details on the schedule and what’s included.

All-year Round Surf & Yoga Camp

All Year Round Surf & Yoga Retreat

Xanadu Surf & Yoga Village

Centrally located, within a walking distance from all the restaurants and bars, Xanadu Village features only 6 rooms, a swimming pool, outdoor dining area and lounge and a rooftop yoga space – everything you need for a cosy and comfortable tropical stay.

Xanadu Surf & Yoga Boutique Retreat

Perched on a hill in Kuta, Lombok, with stunning ocean views over the Kuta Bay and just a 5-min drive to the town centre, Xanadu Surf & Yoga Boutique Retreat offers an elevated surf & yoga retreat experience.

All of our packages are made to give you the ultimate experience in Lombok

Both our programmes include the below activities. You can expect a week of longboarding topped with other fun things that we do.

Daily Surf

Every day our instructors will take you for a 2-hour longboard session to one of the spots in the area. We know a bunch of fun spots perfect for longboarders, some of them we surf alone and keep them secret!


Yoga programme led by Alvin, a yogi and a surfer himself, has been carefully crafted in order to supplement your daily surfing.The primary mission is to teach awareness: on the mat, off the mat and in the water. Aside from restoring your body after the intense days of surfing, our goal is to inspire you and offer you the tools to improve your wellbeing.

Video Analysis & Surf Theory

It is beneficial to your progress to spend some time talking about surfing, wave selection, positioning on the waves, line-up and more. We also look at your videos surfing to set goals to further improve your technique. You can also expect land drills that will help you cross-step or get to the nose faster.

Sunset Meditation

Every week we venture out to a nearby hill for a sunset meditation. Ocean views and ocean breeze plus a mindful moment of stillness with a guided meditation and pranayama practice – what a way to finish the week.

Creative Food

At Xanadu Surf & Yoga we’re all foodies and we believe it is extremely important to have good quality food on your plate – not only clean and healthy, but also beatufilly presented. The breakfast menu consists of daily breakfast specials that will keep you surprised and well fed. We cater to various dietary requirements, including vegan, vegetarian, GF or lactose-free.
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Special Longboard Weeks

We also run special longboard weeks with international longboarderd as guest surf instructors. Suitable to intermediate longboarders
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Can I longboard at Xanadu all year round?


Yes! If you're a longboarder, you can join our all-year round surf & yoga retreats and focus on progressing your longboarding skills. There are longboarding waves pretty much all year in the south of Lombok.

From time to time we also run Special Longboard Weeks to which we invite international longboard coaches.

Are longboards included?


Yes! We know how hard it is to travel with a log and for that reason longboard rental is already included in the surf package. We have a selection of 9'0 to 9'2 longboards you can choose from.

How is this package different from the Special Longboard Week?


You can longboard with us at either of the locations all year round as part of the all year round surf & yoga packages. We split the guests in groups, so if you're a longboarder, our instructors will take you to the waves suitable for longboarders and will help you progress your longboarding skills.

The Special Longboard Week are available only on selected dates throughout the year. They are a very intensive longboarding coaching weeks organised in conjunction with international guest longboarders, suitable to intermediate surfers and above.

At which Xanadu is longboarding offered?


At both. You can choose the All-Year-Round Surf & Yoga Camp at Xanadu Village or the All-Year-Round Surf & Yoga Retreat at Xanadu Retreat.

I'm only into tiny waves - when is the best time to come?


All year. Pretty much all year round we can find small size waves to surf. We don't go to one particular surf spot, which gives you more options.

Are these retreats female-only?


Absolutely not! We do get a lot of female guests but we welcome guys as well!

All-year Round Longboard Retreats FAQ’s

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the longboard retreats and longborading in Lombok. If you don’t find an answer in this section, please visit our FAQs section in the link below.