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Need a little sunshine, saltwater and self-love in your life? You’ll be amazed at just how transformative our yoga and wellness experience can be. Relaxing yet invigorating, it’s curated to rebalance your mind and body while stimulating your creative soul. With yoga, breathing and meditation workshops plus spa treatments and cultural experiences, it can be either a soothing balm for a busy life or an opportunity to explore your mind and body. Either way, we hope you get exactly what you need, be it rest, inspiration or improvement of any kind.

7-night Yoga & Wellness Programme

This package also includes two 60-min massage treatments and a daily healthy shot. For every night of your stay, you also get a free lunch or dinner (you can choose). On Saturday it is a group welcome dinner.

Check-ins & Check-outs: Saturdays & Tuesdays

Guest tip: If you stay less than 7 nights, then you get one 60-min Balinese massage treatment instead of two. We recommend full Saturday-Saturday stays not to miss out on the daily activities prepared for you. All the activities are included but optional – it’s your holiday after all!



Guided meditation + personal goals & intention setting

welcome dinner

Vinyasa Flow grounding practice



cultivating awareness - yoga workshop

Vinyasa Flow creative


beach bum time


restorative yoga

Vinyasa Flow arm balance prep



Arm balance workshop

Ice immersion workshop

Vinyasa Flow strong practice



restorative yoga

Vinaysa - yin & yang



Coco Sambal Coffee - Sasak culture & cooking workshop (4-6PM)

Vinyasa Flow



sunset meditation tirp


To get the ultimate experience, we highly recommend 7-night Saturday-Saturday stays


Superior Twin

A spacious room with two large twin beds, which is ideal for a couple of friends or solo travellers who don’t mind sharing a room with someone else.

IDR 13,135,500 pp

(〜EUR 785 | AUD 1313 | USD 866*)


Superior King

Love your privacy and prefer your own space? Get this uber comfy and spacious room all to yourself and strut around in your underwear. It’s your room!

IDR 18,960,200 pp

(〜EUR 1134 | AUD 1896 | USD 1251*)


Deluxe Extra King

The best, most private room we have. An extra large bed, an outdoor bathtub, very spacious. It’s a guest favourite (for obvious reasons) and comes with a bunch of complimentary perks: airport transfer, welcome fruit platter and a complimentary bottle of wine.

IDR 21,927,500 pp

(〜EUR 1447 | AUD 2192 I USD 1312 *)

Dream team of yogis

Helena and Alvin both come with a wealth of experience and will take you on an inspiring and transformative journey, giving you the space and guidance to deepen your physical practice as well as find more meaningful connection to yourself and to the world around you. It’s time to take a break from the everyday life, relax and improve your wellbeing.

Xanadu Surf & Yoga Boutique Retreat

Perched on a hill in Kuta, Lombok, with stunning ocean views over the Kuta Bay and just a 5-min drive to the town centre, Xanadu Surf & Yoga Boutique Retreat offers an elevated holiday experience. A perfect location to relax and unwind.

The ultimate yoga & wellness retreat

All the below activities are already included in your package but are entirely optional. If you’re in a desperate need of some YOU-time, you can!

Yoga classes

Throughout the week you will be taken on a journey – connecting to 4 natural elements: Earth, Water, Air & Fire. All classes were inspired by the beautiful and raw Lombok’s nature and flow seamlessly from the grounding class to taking a flight during arm balances workshop. You’ll start every morning with Vinyasa inspired class, each class has its own theme, targeting different parts of your body to help you build strength and flexibility. We reserved afternoons for relaxing & restorative classes.

Spa Treatments

Just when you thought that it doesn’t get more chilled than relaxing on a tropical island and practising yoga daily, along come our spa treatments to ramp up your relaxation. That’s right, you get not one but two 60-minute massage treatments with this 7-night experience. Next stop? Bliss town. Population, you.

Staying less than 7 nights? You still get one 60-min massage treatment which will leave you relaxed and restored.

Healthy & Creative Menu

We’re foodies at heart, which means we take the time to prepare thoughtful meals that both fuel and invigorate you for the day ahead. Seasonal produce, freshly picked fruit and sourdough loafs baked in-house. Everything is beautifully presented, healthy and clean. And we can easily cater to a variety of different diets. Big yum vibes.

Your package includes a lunch or dinner (take a pick) for every night you stay with us. On Saturday it is a group welcome dinner though.

Ice Bath

Wim Hof wrote the book on cold immersion and breathwork therapy. Now we’re scribbling the sequel. Take note, people… ice baths and breathing exercises are the real deal. And if you want to pair your pampering with these neuron-firing, mood-enhancing practices, we’re ready to go when you are.

Sunset Meditation

You wouldn’t consider us hardcore meditators, but we’re big fans of anything that de-stresses and slows down the mind. So of course meditation is on the cards. And what better place to do it than on a nearby hill overlooking a sparkling blue ocean with the breeze gently blowing through your hair? Hello? Zen Zone? We’re ready to enter.

Daily Healthy Shot

Nothing says “I’m doing me” like slurping down a healthy juice by the pool. You can practically feel yourself becoming healthier with each sip. And because it’s all made in-house, you know it’s the goods. Available in addition to your delicious food included in the package, it’s contentment that you can sip through a straw.

Coco Sambal Coffee Workshop

The Sasak people of Lombok are artisans who exist in step with Mother Nature. And it’s our privilege to show you their ancestral ways of making coconut oil, sambal, Lombok coffee and more. An all-female collective, this workshop provides a fascinating insight into a culture greatly influenced by their belief in everyday magic. A must-try for anyone curious about the local way of life.

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What's included in the Yoga & Wellness package?


In addition to the schedule above, the weekly package includes a daily breakfast, snack, daily healthy shot, two 60-min massage therapy sessions and a free hourly shuttle to town.

For every night you are staying with us, you will also get a free lunch or dinner (you choose). On Saturday it is a group welcome dinner.

If you're staing less than 7 nights, you get one 60-min massage included instead of two included in the weekly package.

Can I stay less than a week?


Sure! Check-in and check-outs are available on Saturdays and Tuesdays, which means you can stay less than a week while still enjoying all activities as per the schedule. Just note that the number of spa treatments included depends on the length of your stay.

Is it suitable for beginners?


Yes. If you're not a yogi, you can still participate in the Yoga & Wellness programme. We run our retreats in a very intimate setting and small groups which allows for adjusting to individual needs of our guests.

Are all the activities mandatory?


Not at all. The activities are for you to enjoy but if you feel like skipping some of them, it's totally fine! It's your holiday after all.

Can I switch between Yoga & Wellness package and Surf & Yoga package?


Unfortunately not, but shoot us an email if you’re not sure which one to pick. We’ll help you select the one that best suits your wishes.

We're travelling as a couple. Can we book different packages?


Yes, absolutely! It’s not a problem if you want to surf, surf, surf and your partner wants to yoga, yoga, yoga (or vice versa). Whatever works for you guys works for us too!

Yoga & Wellness Retreat FAQ’s

Do you have more questions about the Yoga & Wellness package? We’ve captured some of the most frequently asked questions. The full list available in the link below.