All-year Round Surf, Yoga & Wellness Retreat

A luxury surf and yoga experience

While we believe in being humble, it’s hard to play this experience down. Held in our breathtakingly gorgeous Xanadu Boutique Retreat, it’s for anyone seeking a side order of pampering with their longboard and yoga holiday. We’re talking luxurious rooms, vaulted ceilings and outstanding service – the whole shebang. Come for the pictures that look like they’ve been lifted from a magazine, stay for the family vibe and the fact you can surf as much as you want. What. A. Treat.

Your 7-day surf and yoga programme

Here’s what to expect during your 7-day carefully curated Surf & Yoga Retreat experience.

Check-in/check-out: Saturdays

Why only Saturdays? We believe in building meaningful connections. Arriving on the same day as everyone else, you’ll only go through one round of introductions. After that, you can fully focus on having the best holiday experience and feel at home.



welcome dinner

surf briefing




surf workshop





surf theory



video surf


Surf Strength & Mobility training



video analysis






Coco Sambal Coffee workshop (4-6PM)


surf trip day with picnic lunch

sunset meditation trip



Weekly 7-night Packages

Saturday to Saturday

Pick your preferred package below and enjoy 7 nights of memorable surf and yoga experiences in our luxury surf & yoga retreat – Xanadu Boutique Surf & Yoga Retreat.


Superior Twin

A spacious room with two large twin beds, which is ideal for a couple of friends or solo travellers who don’t mind sharing a room with someone else.

IDR 16,055,500 pp

(〜EUR 1015 | AUD 1537 I USD 1036*)


Superior King

Love your privacy and prefer your own space? Get this uber comfy and spacious room all to yourself and strut around in your underwear. It’s your room!

IDR 21,880,200 pp

(〜EUR 1386 | AUD 2100 | USD 1137*)


Superior King for 2

Share the room and the fun when you travel together. King bed, lots of space, wardrobe, private veranda and a tropical open bathroom with a rain shower – to name a few amenities. Perfect room for a couple.

IDR 32,111,000 / for 2 pax

(〜EUR 2030 | AUD 3076 | USD 2072*)


Deluxe Extra King

The best, most super-duper deluxe room we have. An extra large bed, an outdoor bathtub, spacious a heck. It’s a guest favourite (for obvious reasons) and comes with a bunch of complimentary perks: airport transfer, welcome fruit platter, complimentary bottle of wine and 2 relaxing Balinese massages.

IDR 24,847,500 pp

(〜EUR 1575 | AUD 2386 | USD 1607*)


Deluxe Extra King for 2

The best, most super-duper deluxe room we have. An extra large bed, an outdoor bathtub, spacious a heck. It’s a guest favourite (for obvious reasons) and comes with a bunch of complimentary perks: airport transfer, welcome fruit platter, complimentary bottle of wine and 2 relaxing Balinese couples massages.

IDR 38,705,000 / for 2 pax

(〜EUR 2450 | AUD 3712 | USD 2499*)

About Xanadu Surf & Yoga Boutique Retreat

Perched on a hill with spectacular vistas over swaying treetops and across Kuta Bay, our Xanadu Boutique Resort is for discerning surfers who enjoy the finer things in life. It’s special, to be sure. But it’s more than just a place to snap droolworthy Instagram pics. It’s a peaceful and serene home away from home that’s equal parts luxurious and intimate. And it’s perfect for surfers seeking epic waves and pampering in paradise.

Why choose our Surf & Yoga Retreat experience?

We’ve curated our experiences in collab with past guests to ensure you get the most out of your stay. In saying that, we’re totally flexible too. Follow the programme or skip activities and do your own thing… it’s your holiday!

Daily surf adventures

Word on the street is that learning to surf ain’t easy. We aim to change that by running fun and thoughtful surf lessons. Expect to surf for roughly 2 hours daily with anywhere from 20 minutes to 50 minutes of travel time total to and from our mellow, uncrowded and forgiving beginner-friendly island breaks.


Yoga and surfing go together like peanut butter and our sourdough bread. And our resident yogi Alvin will carefully tailor his yoga practices to suit your needs. Bringing awareness both on and off the mat is his main goal. But the soothing of any post-surf sore spots and a heightened sense of wellbeing can also be expected.

Video analysis & surf theory

What takes most beginners weeks to master, we promise to teach in just one week. This isn’t some form of Lombok magic either. We simply know that feedback accelerates the learning curve. From wave selection to technique, positioning and more, you’ll go from whitewash warrior to green wave hero in no time.

Thoughtfully prepared menu

We’re foodies at heart, which means we take the time to prepare thoughtful meals that both fuel and invigorate you for the day ahead. Seasonal produce, freshly picked fruit and sourdough loafs baked in-house. Everything is beautifully presented, healthy and clean. And we can easily cater to a variety of different diets. Big yum vibes.

Surf Strength & Mobility Training

We aim to make surfing accessible to all. And one way we do this is through our personal trainer Matty. He’s a surf-specific exercise wizard. And everyone will benefit from his mobility, stability and flexibility sessions. Some guests call him the secret sauce when it comes to faster surf progression. We just call him Matty the trainer.

Coco Sambal Coffee Workshop

The Sasak people of Lombok are artisans who exist in step with Mother Nature. And it’s our privilege to show you their ancestral ways of making coconut oil, sambal, Lombok coffee and more. An all-female collective, this workshop provides a fascinating insight into a culture greatly influenced by their belief in everyday magic. A must-try for anyone curious about the local way of life.
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What is included in the package?


All the activities mentioned in the schedule above are included, as are board rental and private transport to the breaks. We can also arrange a driver if you want to surf more than once per day.

Is this retreat good for longboarders?


Definitely! You can longboard with us all year round and we have a team that will help you progress your longboarding skills.

Am I required to participate in all the activities?

Nope! We’re pretty mellow when it comes to this, so feel free to join in or skip any activity on the program. The choice is always yours.

How long is a surf session?

A surf session takes around 3 to 3.5 hours on average. This includes a full 2 hours in the water plus transport to and from the waves.

I've never surfed before. Can beginners join?

Of course! We split you into groups based on your level of ability. This means beginners go with other beginners and so on. We’ll then give you a comprehensive rundown on the beach before we go in. You’ll surf small, mellow waves in waist-deep water under the careful guidance of our experienced instructors. And we’ll make sure your first waves are on a soft foam board that’s safe and super user-friendly.

Can I stay less than a week?


To ensure the highest quality of holiday experience, we only accept Saturday-Saturday stays. We've carefully created the weekly programme for you to have the ultimate surf & yoga experience.

Is there an option to surf twice a day?


If you wish to surf more than once per day, we also offer a daily free surf option. Just let us know the day before or first thing in the morning. We’ll then arrange a driver to take you to the breaks (board included) free of charge.

What is the schedule if I check in on Tuesday?


We no longer offer check-ins on Tuesdays (as of 15 September 2023). If you booked your stay before that date and chose a Tuesday arrival, old rules apply:

The main differences for Tuesday check-ins are that you won’t be able to surf on your check-in day. Also, Saturday is a rest day for our surf crew so no lessons will take place on that day (although you can still make use of our free daily surf option).

All-year Round Surf, Yoga & Wellness Retreat FAQ’s

We’ve selected some of the most frequently asked questions about this surf & yoga package. For more questions, check our FAQ section in the link below.