Surf etiquette – how to behave in the line-up

15 March, 2023 | Surfing

Every surfer, irrespective of their level, is expected to follow the surf etiquette in the water. Surfing is fun but don’t forget to play by the rules or you may be asked to leave the playground. The below rules ensure safety and good vibes in the line-up.

1. Paddle wide

A surfer riding down the line of the wave has priority over those paddling back to the line-up. Therefore, make sure to paddle wide in the channel to avoid getting in the way of other surfers. If you find yourself on a colliding trajectory, angle your board in the opposite direction to the surfer on the wave; if the surfer is going right, angle your board to the left and vice versa.

If you get caught inside and paddling wide is not an option, then catch the white wash instead of getting in the way of the surfer on the wave.

2. Respect priority

In short, the surfer closest to the peak of the wave has priority over the surfer who is further from the peak or on the shoulder. Also, the surfer further outside has priority over all other surfers on the inside.

Don’t drop in nor snake. It’s not cool and dangerous.

3. Be nice and have fun

Surfing is all about having fun so be nice and smile to people around you in the water. If you stuff up (we all do sometimes), apologise. It can go a long way. Also, if someone wrongs you, forgive and forget, don’t be an angry surfer.

4. Respect locals

The locals in Lombok are extremely friendly and helpful. They are happy to share the waves with tourists. Make sure you respect them. Keep things friendly and let them pass if you see them going for a wave. They will surely pay you back. Give respect to gain respect.

This short set of rules will keep safe and happy in the water. Nobody likes bad vibes – surfing is meant to be fun.

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