Wet Season Surfing Lombok / Everything You Need to Know

5 December, 2023 | Lombok, Surfing

Do thoughts of Indonesia’s wet season conjure up images of soft drink cans and food wrappers bobbing through the lineup or surf spots suffering from seasonal blues? Think again. 

While you should expect more rain in Indo from November to April, the beguiling island of Lombok actually thrives during the wet season!

This might come as a surprise (especially since Bali has better waves during the dry season), but after half a decade of living and surfing around the island, we can confirm that not only are the waves good during the wet season on Lombok… they’re actually better than the dry season!

Here’s everything you need to know about longboarding Lombok during the rainy season, including:

  • When is the wet/rainy season in Lombok?
  • What causes increased rainfall during this period?
  • Can you still wear a bikini or boardshorts during the wet season?
  • Does it really rain all day and all night?
  • Why is the wet season the best time to visit Lombok as a surfer?

When is the wet/rainy season in Lombok?

The wet season on Lombok typically runs from November through to April.

This is in line with the climate of Indonesia, which experiences the same monsoon pattern, tropical climate and average temperatures during these months. However, Lombok (especially in the area around Xanadu) is drier than Bali and other islands to the west, which means less annual rainfall on average. 

This is due to the Wallace Line, which runs between Bali and Lombok. This line acts as a barrier to moisture, meaning that the rainy season on Lombok is generally less intense than in other parts of Indonesia.

What causes increased rainfall during this period?

Lombok can be characterised as having a monsoon climate during the wet season.

This is characterised by heavy rainfall and the easing of winds brought about by the reversal of dominant (otherwise known as ‘trade’) wind directions. 

In Indonesia, this change in winds occurs due to temperature fluctuations between land and sea. The resulting humid moisture then fuels frequent rainstorms.

Is it still warm enough to wear bikinis and boardshorts?


While average daily air temps vary depending on whether you’re in the mountains (where it’s cooler) or on the coast, expect temperatures in Lombok to remain quite pleasant throughout the wet season. 

Daily air temps will average around 28-31°C and water temps will hover between 27-29°C. This means you can still have fun rocking bikinis or boardshorts while surfing.

Does it really rain all day and night?

Despite being called the wet season, it doesn’t bucket down as much as you might think.

In fact, the rain usually comes in short bursts and only in the late afternoons, followed by periods of sunshine and blue skies. So don’t let the wet season put you off a visit to Lombok. You’re going to get wet while surfing anyway, so a little extra rain won’t make much of a difference. 

Plus, you can always chill inside when it’s too wet and brush up on your surf lingo!

Is it still easy to get around during the wet season?

Yes, it’s feasible to navigate Lombok during the wet season, albeit with a few minor inconveniences. 

The rain usually pours for less than a couple of hours, ensuring plenty of dry periods for travel. Nonetheless, it’s wise to be cautious and check weather forecasts if you plan on going for a hike. 

Keep in mind that if you’re staying with Xanadu, we’ll take care of all your road and sea transport needs!

Why do we prefer Lombok during the rainy season?

It’s not as busy as the high-season

The high season on Lombok for general tourism is the dry season. This is when you’ll encounter more crowds and higher prices.

However, since most tourists tend to avoid Lombok during the wet season, this is the perfect time to visit for a quieter, more peaceful experience.

Side note: Lombok is still much more chill than Bali during peak season, but during the wet season you’ll feel like you have the place to yourself. It really is the best time to visit Lombok as surfers!

Smaller swells = longboard-friendly waves

Lombok has the most consistent waves in all of Indonesia making it a true year-round surfing destination.

Bigger swells hit during the dry season, making it better for shortboarders wanting to rid the mythical Desert Point. However, longboarders surfing Lombok can look forward to regular 2-4 foot west-southwest and south-southwest swells during the rainy season.

Wet season surf spots come alive!

Rainy season means more surf spots for us to enjoy. We’ll keep the wave names to ourselves if you may. We’ll be happy to show you around when you stay with us. The team have some secret spots up their sleeves!

Lack of winds lead to cleaner conditions

With the dominant winds backing off and rain squalls providing temporary shelter from the trades, expect cleaner conditions during your sessions. This is ideal for longboarders because cleaner conditions mean fewer bumpy faces and smoother rides.

Green, green and more green!

The wet season on Lombok is a time of rejuvenation!

Plants and trees come alive with new growth, rivers flow freely and the landscape becomes a lush green paradise. This is a beautiful time to explore the island beyond just surfing. 

Take advantage of the greener surroundings by going on hikes or visiting waterfalls.

Final thoughts

As we said earlier, we’ve been in Lombok for half a decade and we’ve surfed during its two seasons (dry and wet). In our experience, the waves are better during the wet/low season.

The crowds are thinner, the temperature is still inviting and everything is green and beautiful. Besides, have you ever stood under a cooling tropical downpour wearing only your swimmers? Liberating!

Ultimately though, the wet season is the ultimate surf season for longboarders. So don’t be afraid of a little rain–it’s the best time to visit Lombok as a surfer!

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