A Beginner’s Guide to Surfing Lombok

7 February, 2024 | Lombok, Surfing

Recently bitten by the surfing bug OR keen to try surfing while visiting Indonesia? Good news! Lombok is a true beginner surf destination.

With mellow, year-round waves and friendly lineups, it’s the perfect place to ease yourself into the surfing lifestyle.

The weather is amazing, the water is warm and the food is some of the best in the archipelago. Let’s not forget either that Lombok is much less developed than its neighbour, Bali.

This means that you’ll find fewer crowds and a more authentic surfing experience, without compromising on quality.

Learn more about why beginners like yourself should choose Lombok’s waves for your next surfing adventure!

Is Lombok really a beginner surf destination?

If you’re a beginner who has been researching potential learn-to-surf destinations, you may have heard mixed opinions about whether particular surf spots are beginner friendly or not.

The truth is that not all beginner surf spots are created equal.

Some spots are simply too challenging for novices or have dangerous rips, currents or breaks. Other surf spots have perfect waves but are simply too crowded.

How does Lombok stack up?

Well, the fact is that Lombok is easy to reach from Bali with several beaches and waves that cater specifically to beginners.

The level of surfers here are also primarily beginners and intermediate surfers, which means that the lineup is generally friendly and not too competitive or intimidating.

Many guests at Xanadu Surf Retreat, for instance, have ridden Lombok’s surf spots as complete novices and within a week they’re catching waves on their own.

If that’s not a testament to Lombok’s reputation as an amazing surf destination, we don’t know what is!

5 reasons why Lombok is suitable for beginner surfers

Gentle, sand-bottom beach breaks

You may arrive at Lombok a beginner, but the goal is to progress and become a more confident surfer, and the only way to do that is learn at a safe, comfortable surf spot.

Fast-breaking point breaks and shallow reef breaks aren’t ideal.

Fortunately, we have a gentle, sand-bottom beach break that is literally perfect for complete beginners surfing in Lombok.

By learning on a sand bottom, you can practise your paddling or popping up (and even wiping out) correctly before we proceed to a (still-mellow!) reef break with much longer rides. But don’t be alarmed, we are talking beginner-friendly reef breaks and enough water not to touch the reef.

In essence, you’ll have a unique opportunity to learn on safe waves, thereby accelerating your learning curve and giving you the confidence to tackle bigger, more challenging breaks.

Consistent waves year-round (hello, wet season!)

It’s well documented that Indonesia is one of the best surfing destinations in the world, but what sets Lombok apart is its year-round consistency.

Unlike other surf spots that have good and bad periods, Lombok’s waves are consistent all year long.

This means you can plan your trip without worrying about whether there will be enough swell to get your surf fix in.

In saying that, our favourite season is the wet season.

The water is still warm and favourable swells mean that there are more surf spots to choose from. There’s also often fewer people than during the touristy dry season.

What’s more, the island comes alive with lush wet-season foliage, and although we have the odd downpour, it’s never enough to dampen our surfing spirit!

Mellow lineups and friendly locals

We don’t want to throw shade on Bali as an island. It’s one of the most stunning travel destinations in the world for a reason!

But there’s no denying the fact it has some of the most crowded surf spots in the world, with many advanced surfers vying for the same wave and creating an aggressive vibe.

If you’re a beginner surfer looking to refine your skills and gain confidence in the water, Lombok’s mellow lineups are ideal.

You’ll not only have more room to yourself, but also be able to interact with friendly local surfers who are always happy to share a wave or give tips on surf etiquette to those who need it.

Vibe is everything when it comes to surfing, and an intimidating lineup can throw you off your game.

Fortunately for beginner surfers on a Lombok surf trip, our surf scene is safe, laidback and welcoming, making it the perfect environment to learn in.

Culture, history and experiences aplenty

It’s easy to lose yourself in the pursuit of catching the perfect wave as a beginner, but taking time away from surfing is also important.

Most beginners aren’t prepared for the rigours of long surf sessions, and while we offer restorative yoga and other activities at Xanadu Surf Retreat, sometimes it’s just nice to explore the island.

Take a boat tour around the Gili Islands, taste traditional Sasak cuisine or visit cultural sites like Pura Lingsar temple – the oldest Hindu temple in Lombok.

The break from paddling and popping up will give you a much needed energy boost and keep things interesting off the waves.

No need to bring your own surfboards

Last but certainly not least, beginner surfers travelling to Lombok’s south coast will be stoked to know they needn’t buy a surfboard before arriving OR pay exorbitant airline fees to travel with it.

We save you money by keeping a selection of surfboards ranging from 6’0 to 9’2 – all of which you can hire for free as part of your booking.

This is a huge hassle-saver given that travelling with surfboards is one of the most common travel woes for surfers whether you’re a beginner surfer visiting Lombok for the first time or an advanced surfer.

No matter your skill level, we guarantee to find a board that suits your style and allows you to make the most of Lombok’s many different beaches, multiple peaks and world-class waves.

The best Lombok surf spots for beginners

Selong Belanak / Lombok’s best beach for true beginners

According to practically any novice who has ever visited Lombok, Selong Belanak is the best beginner wave to start your surfing journey.

With consistent, easy waves, pristine white sand and a laidback atmosphere, it’s no wonder why it’s one of our favourite surf spots for learners.

If you’re still getting used to paddling and catching green (unbroken) waves, Selong Belanak is like heaven. 

Sure, it’s not the longest wave on the island, but that just means you’ll be catching more waves in a shorter time, which is exactly what beginner surfers need to feel comfortable.

Final thoughts

As a beginner, you can practice anywhere so long as there’s whitewash or a short green wave, but why not make your learning experience truly special by doing it in one of the most beautiful places on earth?

Lombok’s consistent waves, mellow lineups, cultural richness and hassle-free surf experiences make it the ultimate beginner surf destination.

So, if you’re keen to not only learn the basics of surfing but progress quickly, get in touch to book surf trips at Xanadu Surf Retreat – for incredible waves and good times under the Indo sun!

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